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Spanish Fly As An “Aphrodisiac”

A real aphrodisiac is a substance or chemical that “provokes or excites sexual desire”, leading to increased libido.

In the early ages, most love potions were simply a concotion of aphrodisiacs. There have been quite a lot of them around, with only a few having real aphrodisiac effects, others “mimicking” aphrodisiac effects while the rest are just plain phonies.

There is one notable member of those “aphrodisiacs” that is by far the most popular among all the aphrodisiacs combined — even though it isn’t an aphrodisiac, per se.

Have you ever heard about the Spanish fly?

No? Okay, I’ll tell you about it.

The Spanish fly is a shiny-green Southern European beetle (Lytta vesicatoria) which is neither a fly nor is it Spanish (as if the name “fly” isn’t enough already to make taxonomists red-faced with anger, the guys who named it still went on to “espanize” it).

Spanish fly is hugely popular among insects due to the substance it produces: Cantharidin.

Cantharidin has been used as an “aphrodisiac” throughout history. Apart from the aphrodisiac properties, it’s been used in a number of ridiculous
Although it’s effects are largely unverified, it is supposed to work on men and women.

And rightly so. Why?

Because it does so, in a manner much different from THE aphrodisiacs, which either stimulate the secretion of sex hormones or communicate with the neural centers to increase dopamine production (the neurotransmitter that’s responsible for evoking our desire to do something).

Spanish fly — or Cantharidin — when ingested in LITTLE amounts, irritates the urinary tract and the genitals.

In women, it produces a burning and/or itchy sensation, which simulates some of the symptoms of sexual arousal — minus the itching.

The burning sensation (i.e. inflammation) causes an increased blood flow to the clitoris and the wall of the vagina, thereby increasing the female more receptive to sex and sensitive to touch.

In men, the effects are usually more pronounced due to the structure the male organ assumes during arousal. The effects is almost the same in women: the ingested Cantharidin, on getting to the urethra, irritates the lining of the urethra.

And since the penis is a urinogenital organ (i.e. one orifice for both passage of urine and reproductive fluid), the irritated urethra causes the blood supply through the bulbourethral blood vessels to be elevated. This will then bring about a swollen and harder — albeit painful — erection.

Is that your own idea of “aphrodisiac”?

Cantharidin: As Toxic As It’s Potent

Cantharidin, if not administered correctly or handled carefully, may harm the body in a number of ways. This is because:

1. Cantharidin is a severe blistering agent. If Cantharidin — even if it’s just a little amount of it — comes in contact with the skin, it causes severe, painless blisters to appear on the affected part of the skin.
In fact, it was used in ancient times — during the “bloodletting” era — for drawing fluid from the body.

2. Cantharidin is a substance that has been classified as being “as toxic as strychnine”.

If ingested in large doses, or if it’s not carefully measured, it poses great risk to the body systems; with symptoms ranging from blisters around the mouth, tubular necrosis, renal failure, severe abdominal pain, internal bleeding, and in most cases, death.

Therefore, extreme care must be taken when ingesting Cantharidin.

You should only handle or ingest Cantharidin under the supervision of medical personnel.

Better safe than sorry.

Take your relationship romance level up a notch with Spanish Fly

All relationships, believe it or not, go through ups and downs. If you are in a short-term or long-term relationship, you know this full well. We are all different people. We look at the world in different ways. We have different experiences that we bring to the table. Given all these differences, is it really that big of a surprise to find out that you and your partner do not exactly see eye-to-eye on everything?

There will always be room for improvement and for misunderstanding and miscommunication. Welcome to the real world. We are after all flawed human beings. That is just the way we are. We are all works in progress. Why should not our relationships be the same?

We all have different experiences and our own personal irrational issues. Chalk that all up to our different experiences and different ways of looking at the world. We all come from different backgrounds and there are so many varying circumstances that surround us and color our attitudes and points of view. This is what makes life so fun but it is also what makes things so frustrating.

To make matters worse, if you are anywhere near the typical American, you are a very busy person. It seems that there are not enough hours in the space of a day. Accordingly, you are so busy that your relationships start to suffer. Now, this degradation of your relationships quality is actually not obvious. It often starts slowly. In many cases, you probably would not even notice when it first began. But believe me in terms of implications and ultimate effects, you will definitely feel them.

When you realize that you are busy, invisible walls start appearing in your relationship. It is not uncommon for partners to simply go through the motions as far as sex is concerned. But other than, they are just disconnected. They just emotionally connect every once in a while.

If you notice this pattern in your life, it may very well be that there are in more emotional walls in your relationship. This is a red flag. You need to take care of this problem otherwise your relationship is going to go off the rails. You probably will not be in a relationship for much longer. It takes effort to clear up communication channels. You have to find the time to fix this because your relationship is worth it. It is not just about the sex. It is about the great magic you create when you spend time together.

Romance is a function of how well you communicate as a couple. Make no mistake about it, if you want to get physically intimate, you can perform the act pretty much with every female on the planet. Physical intimacy is just a small part of romance. Instead, the reason why you want to become physically intimate with your chosen partners is because there is an emotional bond between you. If that emotional bond suffers, then sex also suffers. It really all boils down to how well you communicate.

How do you fix this problem? How do you get out of this hole? It is very simple. Take the initiative to spend time together. It does not get any better than that. It is not rocket science or some sort of hard to solve mystery.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to develop really good friendships when you go on long road trips with people? The reason why that is the case is because you go through a shared experience. You develop inside jokes and create memories that you can connect, refer to or look back on in the future.

Resolve to spend time together. I am not talking about just physically being together, rather, I am talking about being in the same emotional and mental place. How do you achieve this level of intimacy? How do you bring back romance and spice things up?

Well, it is all about triggers. You can use emotional triggers like funny stories that you guys like telling each other. Example are things that happened in your relationship. You can also set the right ambiance.

Maybe it is a good idea to cook for your significant other and essentially make love to them in a culinary way. As the old saying goes, the best dishes in the world have love as its main ingredient. You might want to go that route so that your partner sees that you have taken the time, effort and energy to cook up something really nice for them. It does not really matter what the dishes taste or whether the texture is just right or not. What matters is that you put your heart on the line and they cannot help but appreciate you.

This really all boils down to your willingness to remind each other of your attraction? What attracted you to each other in the first place? What is it about each of you that drives the other crazy?

Another angle you could take is to use physical triggers. You can do cosplay. You can put rose petals and light up scented candles. You can use dim lighting. You can play really sexy and seductive music in the background. There is just so many ways that can go with this. You can also use physical triggers like Spanish Fly and other libido boosting folk remedies.

When you use a physical trigger, your senses are engaged and you start behaving differently. Remember, the world only pays attention to your actions. If you want to make profound changes in your love life, sex life and every other area of your life, you need to take matters into your own hands. You have to take initiative. You cannot wait for your partner to take the first step and make the move for you. You have to do it.

Take action today. You can’t wait for things to feel right. You can’t wait for things to fall into place. You have to take the initiative. You have to be proactive.

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