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Dress Sexier in Seconds: Get Sexier Faster Than You Can Tap Out A Text

You don’t have to go out to the shopping mall and spend a ton of cash to help update your wardrobe for this season. With these 60-second alterations, you can add more flair and sexiness to your current wardrobe. In less time than it takes you to send a quick text to your girls, you can use these suttle changes to turn a few more extra heads.

Good-Fit Jeans

Sure, they’re the most essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. But here’s a news flash: no matter what style the jeans are, they should always fit your body the best. Whether they’re skinny, boot cut, flair, or even the boyfriend style, your jeans should suit your shape and your personality. When they best suit who you are from the inside out, you’ve found your sexiest pair of jeans.

The Bare Shoulder

Don’t worry about shaping them up or slimming them down. The woman’s shoulder are the female body’s best asset. Just a peep of shoulder will give just enough suttle sexiness to any outfit without revealing too much skin. Be a tease and just show one at a time!

Giant Earrings

We see them all over the red carpet dawning the ears of some of our favorite women celebs. You too can add giant earrings to any plain outfit to add a second look from everyone. The flash of metal and gemstones and decorations around your face highlight your most gorgeous and radiant features. When you wear these, wear your hair up for ultmate impact.

Sexy Lingerie

Leopard-print undies are a perfect secret way to make any woman feel even sexier. Add a colorful or lacy bra that barely peeks just a bit. Remember, less is always more.

Sky-High Stilettos

Your toes may not forgive you, but spiky, crazy-high stilettos are always sexy. They can be any color, texture or pattern. The higher the heel, the sexier you’ll feel. You can also bring out those sexy over-the-knee boots to add even more va-va-voom sex appeal.

Sexy Skirts

This season is all about showing off those legs that you’ve had to cover all winter long. There’s no better way to do that than with a sexy spring season skirt. If you want to add a little sex appeal, a curve-hugging pencil skirt is always the way to go.

Just a touch of sex appeal is all you need. With these suttle tips, you’ll be turning heads faster than you can update your Twitter or send a text message to your girls.