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Reasons to Wear Condoms: Casual Affairs, Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy, and Making it Last

Today, having unprotected sex is no better than playing Russian Roulette. According to the site,, 19 million new cases of STDs occur each year with half of them among people aged 15-24-years-old. Additionally, as many as one in five Americans have an STD. Of those, some are not even aware that they have one. This includes curable types, such as chlamydia and crabs, as well as those that currently have no cure, such as herpes and hepatitis.

While there are a few reasons that make condom use unreasonable, such as trying to have a baby, there are so many more reasons to wear one. Among the many reasons, a few of them are:

  • If people are engaging in casual affairs
  • Preventing unwanted pregnancy
  • To extend the pleasure

Condom Use With Strangers Should be a Given

It is amazing the number of people that do not use condoms when having sex with strangers. The fact that roughly 20% of Americans are infected should be motivation enough to wrap it up before heading into the unknown, or allowing one’s partner to do so.

When used properly, condoms not only consistently prevent STDs, but they are a reliable method of birth control.

Having a Child is a Lifetime Commitment- Even for People Not Committed to Each Other

Having a child can be a wonderful, life changing experience. Having a child by accident can be a turbulent one.

For both men and women, having a baby can be very expensive. Child support costs last for 18 years, and if the one paying support is not just honoring a legal obligation, it will last beyond that as the child attends college and has children of his or her own.

Having a child that is unplanned will lead to some unexpected changes. School and work will be severely disrupted as an infant is so fragile and dependent upon its parent. And without a supportive partner, having a love life may become a distant memory for some time as late night, early morning, and mid-day feedings and diaper changes will become the better part of the first few months of the child’s life.

Women’s lives will be more directly affected as their bodies change forever. What was once perky may never be so again.

Condoms Can Help a Man Last Longer

On average, women require 7-14 minutes to climax during sex while 75% of men, according to a study conducted at The Kinsey Institute, reach orgasm within two minutes after penetration.

A condom can desensitize a man, allowing him to extend his period of love making, aiding him in helping his partner reach orgasm. For women, this should be a great motivator. Otherwise, sex could be like a mountain climbing expedition where their partner is always cutting their rope as they approach the halfway mark.

The more than 20 different types of commonly known STDs should be encouragement enough for unmarried men and women to want to use condoms. Additionally, those not ready for children should not simply rely on one method of birth control when condoms produce results that are seen so easily as the contained sperm is disposed of. The sperm that does make it out of the condom must do so with limited momentum, if any, and often through a haze of spermicide. And, lastly, men should want to help their women climax even at the expense of their own immediate pleasure, especially if they are married.